Well we’ve come to the end of another chapter, I hope you’ve all had fun reading it. Thank you for joining me on this ride through New Babylon with Kain and Zandalee. And thank you one and all for the comments and encouragement, it is truly appreciated.

Chapter 4, is currently in the works, and this is usually the part where I tell you all that the comic will be back in two weeks. I have to give out bad news at this time: Demon Hunter Kain will not return until January 7th, 2013.

Please, put down your pitch forks and torches, I have good reason and need for this extended break.

I want and need to build a page buffer. I’ve been drawing a page a week from the beginning of the series and it’s starting to wear thin now. I love writing and drawing Kain but I’ve been shackling my self to my Cintiq every weekend for far too long because of my self-imposed deadlines and for that feeling of accomplishment when a new page is done (That feeling of accomplishment is a hell of a drug.).  Also the buffer is security. It’d be good to know that I have extra pages of Kain ready to go if I get sick or need to run out of town for a couple of weeks.

I thank you all in advance for your patience. I will be giving updates along the way and a few sketches here and there. So until January 7th, all of you take it easy and have a good one.