Chapter 0: The Goat-Foot Woman

Two weeks before taking up residence in New Babylon, Kain is given the task of investigating rumors of a monster on the island of St. Croix.
DHK Prelude Cover Page

Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

Zandalee Joseph has recently moved to Caldwell, New Babylon. She is determined to make an effort at having a normal life. That plan comes to an abrupt end on her first day of school when she becomes the target of an angry spirit. Running through school halls for her very life Zandalee is rescued by a student named Kain.
DHK Chapter 1 Cover

Chapter 2: Perception

After learning more about Zandalee's life Kain decides to teach her how to control her abilities. When Kain has to leave abruptly Zandalee follows him and finds out that he knows a lot more about the supernatural than he's letting on.

Chapter 3: Demon Hunter

Sitting in a park, out of harm's way, Kain tells Zandalee that he is a demon hunter and gives her an abridged explanation of Demon Hunter history. The next day in school Zandalee is followed by another spirit and seeks out Kain's help. Zandalee exhibits an ability that Kain's mentor told him about the day before. Elsewhere an entire family is slaughtered and the woman behind it seems to have been keeping tabs on Zandalee.

Chapter 4: The Fear Crow Part 1

Kain and his mentor, while looking into a string of strange murders being investigated by Zandalee's father, encounter a demon capable of materializing a person's fear and hellbent on slaughter. Zandalee and her mother get a visit from an unexpected guest.

Chapter 5: The Fear Crow Part 2

John H. Woodson High School is under the Fear Crow's control. Kain is doing his best to keep his fellow students and the faculty alive but it's not going well. Meanwhile, Zandalee has managed to avoid being ensnared but will she be able to help anyone?

Chapter 6: The Boy Called Kain

Two weeks after the events at the John H. Woodson High School, Kain meets up with Zandalee and tells her about his past.